Fast and Furious Review

•April 23, 2009 • 2 Comments

fast-and-furious2The fourth installment in this action packed series.  By far the 2nd best, but given the 2nd and 3rd movies that really isn’t that difficult.  But this one was good,  tons of action and, of course, cars cars and more cars.  Now Paul and Vin are still a couple of the worst actors on the planet, but for a movie like this they don’t have to be stunning.  The overall storyline was, much to my surprise, pretty darn good.  If you liked the first one you’ll like this one. 

BOTTOM LINE:  If you want to see a ton of fast car chases, huge wrecks, and action from begining to end, you won’t be dissapointed.  So for the everday movie go’er, it’s entertaining.  If you looking for an academy award winning performance from the cast….Well I’m pretty sure you’re not gonna find it in this film.

SCORE- 6.5 out of 10


Watchmen Review

•April 23, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Watchmen SmileyOk, this review is a little tricky cause this movie is a little tricky.  If you’re a hard core comic fan, and liked the book, you will, with out a doubt, like the movie.  It follows the book nicely.  Now for the everyday movie go’er… If you go to see this movie and expect to see a batman/spiderman like film  YOU WILL BE SADLY DISAPPOINTED.  The hype behind the graphic novel was that it was unlike any comic book ever written, and the same holds true for this film, it’s unlike any comic movie ever done.  Very dark, one hero is a sociopath, one a alcoholic murderer, and one giant naked blue guy.  Yes you heard me, about 70% of the time you see Dr. Manhattan his glowing blue penis is exposed.  And violence, ah the glorious violence.. this movie for sure earns its rated R rating, arms lopped off, heads split open, and about a 2 minute soft-core porn scene about covers it. 

BOTTOM LINE:  I truly believe that most casual movie go’ers will not enjoy this movie.  It’s a little to strange for the mainstream public to associate the movie with the importance of the graphic novel.   And it’s long… very long, 3+hrs.  So even though I enjoyed it (I used to collect comics), I wouldn’t recommend this movie to too many people.  If you have to see a Zack Snyder movie….rent 300

SCORE- 5.5 out of 10

Mission Statement

•April 22, 2009 • 2 Comments

Greetings fellow film lovers.  This is my first attempt at blogging so I figured I’d blog about something I love, and something that could prove useful to others.  I’ve always wished that there was a movie critic that catered to the everyday person.  Not the artsy, prissy snobs we see on TV and in print on  a regular basis.  So it’s me to the rescue.  THE PEOPLES MOVIE CRITIC.  An honest, hard working, everyday movie go’er that likes good action flicks as much as he likes jaw dropping dramas… Likes laugh out loud comedy’s as much as he likes heart warming love stories.  So I plan on loading you up with brief, but to the point reviews on all things cinema.  I see quite a few movies, and have seen quite a few movies.  My DVD collection is now over 400 so I know my film.   I will be adding reviews as much as possible, but please if there is a certain movie you would like reviewed, ask, If I’ve seen it I will give you an honest review of the movie, and If I haven’t… I might just watch it to let u know.  Please feel free to post your own reviews, let’s start something here.  For real movie go’ers.