The Spirit Review

thespiritMan, another dissapointment.  I was a huge Sin City fan, and LOVED 300, so I figured another Frank Miller project would be worth my while… “BUZZER SOUND”..  Still has that cool Sin City look and feel, without the good story or actors.  Samuel Jackson is his usual SCREAMING self, and when Eva Mendez is the best actor in the movie you know you’ve got an issue.  And the movie was just plain weird.  I mean Sin City had that cool vibe going for it this movie kind of spins in circles for the first 3/4 and then tries to play catch up by explaining the origin of The Spirit, and it was just strange. If you’re bored some evening and have a couple hours to kill check it out, other wise there are much better flicks to see.

SCORE- 5 out of 10


~ by peoplesmoviecritic on April 23, 2009.

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